I’ve lost track of the number of times I started to write my memoir. Yet with Nichelle’s guidance, I finally feel less overwhelmed and far more focused on the story I want to tell.

With nearly a decade of blog and personal journal entries to work with, I was so overwhelmed that I kept losing my perspective. From our first meeting, Nichelle put me at ease, was genuinely invested in my story, and guided me in fine tuning my vision. In just two months time, she has helped me take thoughts and scenes that were little more than vague ideas into a solid direction.

Nichelle’s skills in organizing my random thoughts, asking pointed questions, and helping me gain clarity has motivated me to finally take the project seriously. Working with Nichelle has been challenging in a good way, and I really appreciate her professionalism.

Judy Grillo


I really appreciated the breadth and depth of Nichelle’s editorial comments regarding my novel. She made concise suggestions about specific word choices and phrases I used. She was able to pinpoint several concepts I have struggled to grasp. I finally understand the difference between to “expand” or to be “explicit,” and “trope” versus “new material.” She supported my vision for the shape of my novel and encouraged me to follow those initial instincts as being the right path to follow moving forward with revising my novel. Nichelle made it easy to have a conversation about my work without my feeling overwhelmed by her opinions. It was nice to have a “back and forth” discussion about possible solutions to issues I’ve had with revision. I now feel I have a plan to move forward, and thanks to Nichelle, I don’t feel stuck in my rut anymore.

Anne Hunsinger

Fantasy author

Nichelle was so helpful to me in preparing a pitch package for my historical mystery novel. She was professional, caring, and really paid attention to my project as well as who I am as a person to make a list of agents to begin my query process with. I was so impressed! As an experienced writer in other genres, I am aware of the work involved in researching agents, and she came up with a list where every name made sense and felt like a potential match! She was also clear and helpful with my synopsis and query letter, pieces that most writers despair over. I now feel really prepared to start the query process. I can’t recommend her enough, whether you are looking for a manuscript edit or help in preparing pitch materials, or even getting started in the writing process. She’s a seasoned writer herself, and a great communicator. Honest, kind, professional!

Elia Seely

Mystery author and historical novelist

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