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Hello! I’m Nichelle Seely. Named after a Star Trek actress and (clearly) a descendent of the high fae court of the British Isles, I was born to coach genre fiction!

A woman sitting in an open field reading a book, surrounded by stacks of books.

A Reader by Choice

I’ve been reading and writing ever since I was a child, plundering my parents’ bookshelves of mysteries, westerns, fantasies, and science fiction. In my lifetime, I have read thousands of books, creating a literal reference library of fiction to draw from.

A Writer by Heritage

My grandmother published gothic novels, and my mother wrote and published mysteries and romances. My sister and I would sit in a corner when my mother’s writing group met at our house, listening, wide-eyed, to the stories they read aloud.

In college, I studied English literature and graduated magna cum laude, with honors. For my final project, while my classmates were grinding out academic theses or striving for literary accolades, I wrote a science fiction novella about the first human expedition to Mars. My advisors loved it. (TBH, I think they were just glad they weren’t reading yet another dissertation on Shakespeare.)

After a few years of poverty, I went back to school for a degree in architecture. Over the next twenty+ years I worked as an architect in Oregon and Alaska. All that time I was still writing, struggling alternately with a travel memoir and a police procedural. Despite attending conferences and classes and critique groups, and commiserating with my sister (who is also a writer), I still didn’t really know how to construct a novel. So in my forties, I enrolled in an MFA program in creative writing. Halfway through, I left the program in frustration. It wasn’t teaching me the things I wanted to learn.

Books lined up on a bookshelf, all written by three generations of Seely women.
Nichelle Seely, the author and book coach, signing a copy of her first published novel, A Memory of Murder.

An Author by Persistence

Searching elsewhere, I discovered other systems: Story Grid, the hero’s journey, and Save the Cat. Finally, I understood how to construct a book. I finished the mystery novel, the travel memoir, and wrote an epic fantasy. Meanwhile, I wrote numerous articles for professional publications, and spent a year as an acquiring editor for Flashquake online magazine.

During the pandemic, I started and finished another detective novel. Because the book industry was in chaos at the time, I elected to self-publish. Seeing that story out in the world was one of the proudest moments of my life. I also began to write and publish online serial fiction. To learn more about my writing, visit

A Coach by Inspiration

Author Accelerator Certified Fiction Book Coach BadgeThen I discovered Author Accelerator and book coaching, a creative career where I could utilize all my years of study and reading and writing experience. I wish I’d known about book coaches when I was an aspiring writer. But now I can support other writers in the way I wish I’d been supported: Author Accelerator Certified Memoir Book Coach Badgehelp them bring their stories to life, enhance and encourage their individual voices and ideas, and share information about craft and structure. Wherever you are in the process, whether you’re new at this gig or salted and seasoned, I can help.


  • Certified fiction and memoir book coach with Author Accelerator.
  • Author of A Memory of Murder, a paranormal mystery starring private investigator Audrey Lake, as well as numerous ongoing serial fiction titles. You can learn more about my writing at
  • Author of numerous magazine articles.
  • Acquiring editor for Flashquake magazine.
  • Voracious reader.
  • Perennial student of writing and story.
  • BA in English and half of an MFA in Creative Writing.

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