Frequently Asked Questions

What does a book coach do?

I will help you discover the roots of your story and finish your book. I don’t write it for you. I will provide editorial feedback, accountability, and actionable steps to follow as you proceed. I will support and encourage you on this arduous creative path.

I can also help you with the road to publishing and promotion. I make no promises or guarantees about whether your book will be picked up by an agent or a publisher, or how successful it will be in the marketplace. But I will help you write the best story you can.

What fiction genres do you coach?

I am qualified to coach fiction and narrative memoir. Although I can work with any novel, I specialize in the following genres:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Western

These are the kinds of books I read for pleasure, and I’ve been reading them for 50+ years.

I will also work with historical, upmarket, or literary fiction, and limited types of horror if the project resonates with me.

What kind of memoir do you coach?
Narrative memoir with some aspect of self-discovery or lifestyle change. I especially like travel, cultural, or other types of fish-out-of-water stories. I would also be a good fit for a food/cooking memoir.
Is coaching right for me?

Coaching is a good fit for you if:

  • This is your first novel, or you’re stuck on a current project and aren’t making any progress
  • You want to learn about best practices and proven, classic techniques with focused, customized, individual attention
  • You want structure and accountability to finish your work
  • You realize that writing a book is a commitment that will take months if not years, and you want to shorten that process with directed feedback and personalized attention
  • You want to make an ongoing investment in your creative life.
How do I learn more?
Fill out the contact form and book a free 30-minute discovery call! We’ll chat about where you are in your writing career, your specific project, and see whether we’re a good fit.
What if I miss a scheduled call?

If you miss a call, you lose your investment for that call. This is to make sure you are serious about your writing and committed to your own success. That being said, life happens. If you know you are going to miss, please let me know 24 hours in advance and we can try to reschedule.

Even if you don’t have your work completed for an assigned submission, it’s still better to utilize the call to get to the bottom of your block or struggle so you can keep moving forward. The calls are dynamic and focused, and are often the most valuable part of the session.

Do you guarantee I will publish my book and make money?

No. There are no guarantees in the book business. I will work hard to help you write the best book you can, I will share my knowledge and resources about writing and publishing, and I will always offer honest evaluation of your work. Having a good story is the first step to getting published, but there’s a lot of other variables in play that are out of our control.

Are you ready to get your story out?

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