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Who Am I?

Nichelle Seely, Author and Book Coach

My name is Nichelle Seely. I’m a certified book coach & developmental editor who helps memoirists and genre novelists establish their goals, craft their stories, and get their books into the world. I’m also an author who has been in the writing trenches & knows first-hand the rewards & frustrations of the creative life, and how to transform an idea into a finished book. Together we will get your story on the page, from “once upon a time” to “the end.”

If you choose to work with me, I will provide you with:

  • guidance and deep story expertise
  • compassionate, respectful feedback
  • work structure
  • accountability

I will always tell you the truth as I see it, and will never try to bury your voice.

Who Are You?

Are you a Novelist,

  • Trapped by never-ending side quests, putting everything else ahead of your own work?
  • Constantly distracted by red herrings, following trails that lead nowhere?
  • Impeded by alien invaders that shoot down your creative aspirations?
  • Writing mystery, thriller, western, or speculative fiction?

Are you a Memoirist,

  • Lost in a sea of memories, struggling to sift out the important ones?
  • Trying to tell your story, but you’re not sure how it relates to other people?
  • Attempting to express your self-discovery epiphany, but don’t know how to organize it?
  • Writing a travel, cultural, or personal growth memoir?

Services for Novelists

The cavalry has arrived! I can be your mentor, party member, and trusty sidekick all in one. I’ll help you shave years off your process with one-on-one coaching, or give you targeted feedback on what you’ve already written. Work with me, level up your craft, and get your novel done!



Lots of ideas but no real clue how to begin solving the start of your story? I’ll be Watson to your Holmes and help you uncover the plot of your novel & refine your vision into a solid Blueprint for a Book.


With a detailed Blueprint in place, I’ll be Gandalf to your Frodo as you set off on a quest to finish the first draft of your book, giving you feedback, guidance & casting spells to ward off the orcs of self-doubt.


Armed with a solid story, I’ll ride shotgun as you head off into the sunset toward your finished draft. You’ll wrangle your manuscript to perfection with my developmental editing & targeted feedback.


When you’re ready to get your story out into the universe, I’ll be Seven of Nine to your Captain Janeway as you develop the materials necessary to interest an agent & a publisher, or help you DIY if you choose to resist assimilation.

Services for Memoirists

I can help you find your message, pinpoint your relevant experiences, and guide you in choosing an effective structure. Work with me, refine your craft, and get your memoir done!


By asking pointed questions and listening to your answers, I’ll help you construct a Blueprint for a Memoir so you can find your direction and move forward with confidence.


I’ll provide you with personal ongoing guidance, feedback, accountability & support to keep you on track as you commit your story to the page and make it resonate with readers.


If you already have a completed draft, I’ll provide a professional developmental edit with written feedback to guide your revision and do justice to your personal story.

Book coaching that gets results!

Hear straight from writers who have already experienced the benefits:

From our first meeting, Nichelle put me at ease, was genuinely invested in my story, and guided me in fine tuning my vision.

Judy Grillo


Nichelle made it easy to have a conversation about my work without my feeling overwhelmed by her opinions.

I now feel I have a plan to move forward, and thanks to Nichelle, I don’t feel stuck in my rut anymore.

Anne Hunsinger

Fantasy author

I can’t recommend her enough, whether you are looking for a manuscript edit or help in preparing pitch materials, or even getting started in the writing process. She’s a seasoned writer herself, and a great communicator. Honest, kind, professional!

Elia Seely

Mystery author and historical novelist

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